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The arrival of Emmanuel Luther a.k.a. Saga is the classic saga of taking a dream and making the impossible conceivable. It is a story of willpower, confidence, tussle, hard work and inspiration. With each chapter, Emmanuel Luther held onto the best parts of what he believes in as he continuously keeps raising the bar and creating original and ground-breaking Afro Pop/beat,Urban yet classic and unique music for his fans.

Luther has dispensed his heart and soul into each episode, showing growth as an artist, singer,director in both Film/Music Video entrepreneur and most importantly, a man.Natural can be described as innate or instinctive in essence, disposition or temperament. Quite simply, natural can be summed up as God-given or God-inspired because it comes so easily.

When Emmanuel Medeji who is a performer, songwriter and businessman, Luther realizes that his talents came to him naturally, his growth and acceptance of these gifts aptly made him a household name everywhere he performs in Nigeria and overseas; He is here to conquer the Nigerian market with his unique and creative Urban natural touch of Commercial Music and Inspirational/Urban music.

Luther a vastly talented writer, poet, performer, producer and an arty composer. He has headlined numerous shows music concerts. He has his own record label and entertainment company thats is sponsored by well know-out businessmen.
This Suave and pulchritudinous Afro Pop/beat artist believes that music is pivotal for him and in his words ‘In music I found the one true way of life.

His single ‘Suddenly’ and ADA are gaining momentum and hitting the radio airwaves strongly, these videos are the works by one of Africa’s finest video directors Clarence Peters.

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